Find Out How Many Mobile Number Run On Your Name

Find Out How Many Mobile Number Run On Your Name : The Department of Telecommunications has taken a number of steps to protect the interests of consumers by ensuring proper allocation of telecom resources by telecom service providers and reduction of fraud. As per the existing guidelines, customers register nine mobile connections in their name This website helps subscribers to check the number of mobile connections working in their name and, if any, additional mobile connections.
The mobile connections shall be activated only after the requirement of filling (iv) up of customer acquisition form and copies of documentary proof as per requirement have been fulfilled by the customer and the subscriber details have been updated in the subscriber database of the Licensee.

Find Out How Many Mobile Number Run On Your Name

the connection shall be treated as pre-activated. (viii) The Licensee shall ensure that the information about the subscribers are correctly filled in the subscriber database. There shall not be any typing mistake in the subscriber database such that the error leads to any person or address other that the intended person or address or else it shall be treated as failed subscriber verification case for the purpose of CAF Audit and specified penalty as per existing instructions shall be levied.

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