WhatsApp Deleted Messages Recover Android App

Best Deleted Messages Recover Android App: View deleted messages and recover important notification history using this app, All messages and notifications are saved locally, You can view them according to apps name, How to use this app to view deleted messages recovery app or notification history.

WhatsApp Deleted Messages Recover Android App

Fee steps to follow :  

  • All you need to do is to allow necessary permission required by this app. And this app will automatically backup incoming notifications or messages in the form of notifications so that you can recover it later.
  • Done !

Permissions used by this app :

  • This this app uses Notification listener permission to backup notifications to recover it later in case any removed.
  • You can always stop saving notifications for single app or all apps.
  • Just navigate to setting and turn off the saving switch.
  • Everything will be done automatically.    
  • You can delete recovered deleted messages or notifications from setting.
  • You can hide any saved notifications and lock it with password.
  • We have included some smart tools to make user life easier.
  • You can create cool fonts or repeat any text for fun using features of this app.

App Source : Google Play Store

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